15465 Citrus Grove Boulevard—–For Sale, Come and See


This Loxahatchee home is unique, if you like entertaining this may be the home for you.  This house sports a massive and i mean truly massive back porch and linai combo.  At its widest point it in nearly 40 feet and its also about 80 feet long.  You can truly have you whole family and friends out there for a great big holiday meal.

The uniqueness does not stop there, what appears to be a standard 2 car garage from the outside is actually an enormous 2 car garage door that opens to an area that may park 4 or 5 cars along with some toys, like 4 wheelers or dirt bikes.

I really love what the builder of this house had in mind,  everything is grand.  The ceiling heights, the entrance, the back porch, the garage, even the guest bedrooms are not the typical 10 by 10 we see over and over.  The specifics, the house is 2645 square feet under air split floor plan, open kitchen with breakfast nook.  It is a total of 6048 overall.  The home does not lack for storage space.  Its on an over sized fenced in corner lot.  Its a true 4 bedroom home with a study or office.  This house has amazing features, come out and visit me at one of the many open houses I will be doing there, I love to show it off.  Next open house is Saturday February the 10th.  Asking price is $465,000.  Any questions contact Tom at 561-876-4568

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New Listing—-15108 60th Place North, Loxahatchee FL 33470—-RX-10380204

15108 60th Place N, Loxahatchee….Front Elevation

[lme-module module=”about” zip=”33470″]

This is truly a come and see me I am Beautiful listing.  This is a completely remodeled home with just about everything imaginable is new.  This is about as close to a essentially new construction home as possible.  New tile flooring on first floor, new wood flooring on second floor.  New kitchen, including all new appliances, new water heater, new a/c, new water system, new granite counter tops, new chair rail molding, new crown molding,  new baseboards, and new back deck.  New  750 square foot concrete garage, that is 25 by 30, so its enough space for 2 cars plus some toys or storage.  The garage also includes a full bath, so you do not need to track all the outdoors dirt into the beautiful house.  Upstairs everything is new as well,  wood flooring, paint, bathrooms, include new vanities, new tile surrounds, new toilets, new tile floors.  I almost forgot the new washer and dryer.  Some of the features of this home you can enjoy are the over sized 2.07 acre fenced in lot, grand front southern style  covered porch allowing you sit out and enjoy the fabulous Florida weather in comfort.

Today 11/11/2017 the first showings of this absolute gem are available.  If you are interested in this home the asking price is $310,000 and it is not expected to last long.  Contact Tom Traub at 561-876-4568 for showings or additional questions.

Living and dining room

New Kitchen

New vanity

new wood floors

new large tile floors

new water system

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Westlake, Westlake, Westlake…..Our Newest Town



Kestral Grand-Indigo Collection-5/4.5/2- starts at $482,990 plus a lot premium



Probably the most asked about community in the market today.  Here is what I know about the very controversial community now newest town in Palm Beach County.  Originally planned as a Minto development of the Callery-Judge Groves between the Acreage and Loxahatchee along Seminole Pratt.  But by using a state law Minto and a few neighbors formed and incorporated a new town on 4500 acres.  For good or bad Westlake is here to stay.  The romantic side of me loved the wide open space of the citrus grove, but the pragmatic side knew that after the majority of the groves got the canker in the mid 2000’s some sort of development would go there.  There just is not any economic justification to re-invest in citrus without a cure to the canker or the greening disease that is wiping them all out.  There has been a lot of confusion and lots of rumors about what will ultimately end up out there.  Today I hope to clear all that up.  Yesterday I spent some time visiting the new Minto sales and information center and a number of the models in the first phase of the development.  The project itself is massive, and Minto plans to be there for 10-20 years.  Along Seminole Pratt about 2 million square feet of commercial and office space will be created, behind that on either side of the road will be about 4500 homes and just to the south of Seminole Ridge High will be a large park.  To ease traffic on Seminole Pratt, the road has been widened and Persimmon Blvd and 60th Street will be extended into community.

Kestral Grand–Indigo Collection

Kestral Grand

Persimmon- Cypress collection-kitchen

The first community being sold is called the Hammocks, it borders Seminole Pratt and the future Westlake town center, it will eventually be gated and is an hoa containing about 300 homes.  There are two fees associated with each home, standard hoa will be about 92 dollars a month, and a Seminole Improvement District fee will be between 100 and 110 dollars a month.  There will not be a CDD tax, and for those of you who have paid that for 30 years that is a relief.

Sandhill model- Indigo collection-3/3/2-2410sq ft under air- starts at 364,990 plus lot premiun

Sandill Model with pool

Sandhill model- kitchen

Hammocks homes fall into 2 collections, the Cypress collection built on lots 50 feet wide and the Indigo collection built on lots 65 feet wide, by my eye ball it looks like about 80 plus percent of the homes will be on lake front lots.  Lot premiums start at 0 and go to 68k.  Home prices start at 278k in Cypress to 497k in Indigo.  Minto is a quality builder, all concrete homes, no frame second floors.  I really like the floor plans, they do not waste a bunch of space and they flow.  The one upgrade i would recommend for any buyer during pre-construction is the hurricane windows.  The reduction in insurance rates is the bonus, the real benefits are in the daily life routines, the extra noise reduction, the quality heavy sliders, the energy savings.  Right now there are six models to view and walk through, they did a nice job featuring different pools, backyards, patios, really giving you a flavor of what you could build on any lot.  The models are 3 from the Cypress collection and 3 from the Indigo collection.  From the walk through they are mainly fully upgraded, but honestly all builders do that because most buyers do not want the absolute base model.  The homes range in size from 1483 under air 2174 overall, up to 4320 under air and 5298 overall.

Schefflera-Cypress Collection-kitchen

open backyard to lake

Kingfisher Grand-Indigo collection

Special bonus available of 3 percent off  base purchase price for  active military or veterans, firefighters, police, teachers, medical except for doctors.  Also $2500 in upgrades for anyone using preferred lender.

If you have any additional questions or would like to schedule a time to view the community or the area, I can be reached at tom@tomtraub.com or 561-876-4568.


There will be future posts and new communities are developed over the coming years.

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Jupiter’s newest Jewel——Sonoma Isles


Jupiter’s next luxury community is located just west of the Florida Turnpike off Indiantown Road.  Two hundred and seventy five DiVosta built homes, 6 individual models each with four different elevations. DiVosta has always been one of my favorite builders due the the high quality of construction, but this little detail of having the flexibility of four different elevations for each floor plan is incredibly smart.  One of buyers biggest complaints is when driving through many developments is that the homes all look identical.  In this development two homes with same floor plan can be next to each other and have a completely different look.  Homes in Sonoma Isles start in the mid 600’s and move up from there.  The community itself rings a large lake that spiders throughout the entire development allowing each home to have a back patio water view.




The future features of Sonoma Isles include a manned gated entrance, and recreation center.  The recreation center includes, clubhouse, pool, BBQ grill, fire pit, tennis court, play area, mail room, fitness center, overflow parking.  All centrally located opposite entrance on the lake.  The community will also be providing complete landscape services including irrigation.  Have no fear golfers there are numerous clubs in the area, Jupiter Country Club is along the entrance road, the absolutely spectacular Dye Preserve Golf Club is a short drive west.  Yes its that Dye, Pete Dye of Crooked Stick, TPC Sawgrass and Whistling Straits to name a few.

backyard view


The individual homes come in six general floor plans, each offering a number of configurations.  Under air square footage starts at 2488 and goes up to 5163.  As well as 2 bedrooms up to 7 bedrooms.  Another great design feature is that each design includes a covered lanai to take advantage of our incredible weather and enjoy outdoor living.  The features I like the best are the open floor plans and integrated but open stunning kitchens.  These kitchens are really beautiful and deserve to be the focal point of the home.  Typical of  DiVosta the homes have great floor plans, nice flow and functionality, they try and think of everything.  I would love to show you the models, contact Tom Traub at 561-876-4568.

kitchen choices 20170127_143116




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Selling your home, Preparation is the word

Selling your home is a big decision, so lets get it right.  If you have some time before putting your house on the market here are a few steps that will ensure the process goes as smooth as possible and you get the most money for your property.  First lets look at the outside of your house.  Don’t just think curb appeal, think presentation.  In today’s market over 90% of perspective buyers will view your house online before deciding to go and look at it, or worse not to look at it.  So when looking at the outside of your house, think about how the professional photographer will view it.  Yes professional photos are a must, if your agent takes their own photos, you may want to consider another agent.  So lets look at landscaping, if some trimming is overdue, start there.  Landscaping does not bounce back overnight, over grown shrubs take some time before they green up and look good in photos.  Second, pressure wash your home, walkways, pool deck, and driveway.  A dirty house leaves the impression that maintenance was not being preformed.  Remember, you are trying to put your best foot forward and attract as many potential buyers as possible.

Lets move inside.  First impression when someone walks through your door is not with their eyes, its actually with their nose.  So get the odors out, have your home professionally cleaned.  If you have pets like so many of us do, you already know your home can smell of dog or cat.  Amazingly cat odors are more offensive than dogs.  I think I have a fairly sensitive nose, and I can not tell you how many times I have been whispered to that the house smells like cat pee and its a no.  So cleanliness is a must, second air fresheners, third odor eaters.  Here I am talking baking soda, and volcanic rocks. The baking soda can be vacuumed into carpets, or just left in boxes.  The volcanic rocks you put in your air return for the a/c unit.  These are not magic bullets but they are effective.  Next big issue is stuff, or clutter.  I don’t care if you need to rent a storage unit, it is totally worth it.  Nothing makes your home look smaller than it is than to much stuff.  Not just knick knacks, and tchotchkes, but furniture can overwhelm a space or floor plan.  Into the bedrooms, if you or your children have a lot of clothes or shoes, then get those moving boxes with the hanger rod in them and thin out your wardrobe for a couple months.  If your closets look like one of those Halloween pumpkins with the guts puked out of its mouth, than you will have difficulty selling your home.  Again, remember this is about the photographs everyone will see online.  I know its hard, its not about you, its about your home and highlighting all the qualities that had you fall in love with it in the first place.  Once your house is on the market, continue to have a cleaner come in, you definitely do not want the good will you earned in the photos to be lost due to a big regression in cleanliness or organization.

Lastly,  eliminate surprises.  If your home is over ten years old get a home inspection and include the pest inspection.  You may think your home is ready to go, but will a professional?   This can assist on two fronts.  First if there is a repair needed that you do not want to make you can disclose it and offer a credit upfront.  You will be amazed how well that works.  It defuses a potential landmine by being honest and offering a solution.  Second, if it does reveal a defect that lenders would not be willing to lend on, you have the opportunity to make repairs.  This can become more difficult once under contract.  In an As-Is contract your buyer with their quality offer can walk away in the inspection period.  This leads to some sore feelings, and possible anger, and absolutely stress that can be avoided.  Worse, if the buyers do walk away, now this defect needs to be disclosed to all the perspective buyers and at this point you may not get the same quality of offer that you received prior.  So for $400 or $500 dollar investment upfront can truly lead to more money in your pocket and a stress free sale.  For me, I always recommend that, when my job is complete I expect to have a happy client and a new friend.  It sounds trite, but we really do live off the recommendations of our clients.  There is no advertising that can compete with the personal recommendation from a client.

If you have any furthers questions, feel free to contact me at 561-876-4568.  Thomas Traub an agent with Platinum Properties.

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Pizza!!!, Pizza!!!, Pizza!!!

carmelasProbably the most over due post I have ever had.  Maybe because I am selfish and did not want to share.  First let me tell you a bit about myself, I grew up in the Northeast and I am a bit of a pizza snob.  I like thin crust pizza and I do not care for big rings of crust.  Which I call a big doughy mess.  So a couple years ago I took a friend who had no idea what pizza was supposed to taste like to NYC.  She was one of those people who said all pizza was sooooo good.  After a variety of slices, we had a convert.  She said I can’t believe it can taste this good.  Well a year or so later another friend said you need to try Carmela’s.  My initial reaction was to roll my eyes and say sure, but she convinced me it was not like other pizza here in Florida.  So with some reluctance few of us went and tried it out.  Much to my surprise it is fantastic, so good in fact that if you transplanted Carmela’s to the Northeast it would be a thriving restaurant anywhere.

What pizza should look like

What pizza should look like

Now it has become a staple, at least once a month we go and get a Grandma.  Half cheese and half pepperoni and it never disappoints.  I wish I could tell you more about the menu, but haven’t ventured to far from the pizza.  What I can tell you about, are the salads are fantastic and the right proportion.  The bartender Mike, or the waitress Nina have had everything on the menu and if they recommend it, try it.  All the staff is super friendly at Carmela’s but I am most familiar with those two.  Carmela’s is actually two restaurants in one, on the right side of the building is the brick over pizza side, on the left is the wine bar Italian restaurant side.  I believe you can order anything from either side.  To me the right side is the loud family side with tons of kids and the left is the adult side, not formal but very nice.

Cute saying

Cute saying

So whether you live in Gardens or Port St Lucie it is more than worth the drive to Stuart to try Carmela’s.  It is located on Ocean Blvd about a mile east of Downtown Stuart.  So make a night of it, head to Carmela’s for dinner then out to Terra Fermata or Crush for Music, or maybe Kilwins or Hoffmans for chocolate, or maybe shopping along Oceola.  Either way it makes for a great evening.


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Rocky Point Home— 4276 Se Rainbows End—-RX-10081280

Manatee PocketRocky Point in Stuart,  is one of the special places in Stuart.  Geographically it is shaped like a thumb, surrounded on three sides by navigable water ways.  One side is the Manatee Pocket, one side is the St Lucie River, and the last is the Intracoastal Waterway.  From anywhere in Rocky Point is just short boat ride to the Ocean, in fact other than Sailfish Point it has the most convenient access to the Atlantic in all of Martin County.

Manatee Pocket Manatee Pocket Manatee Pocket

One of the things that I really like about Rocky Point is the pride of ownership.  Even though only a hand full of communities are gated, the whole area feels like its inside an HOA.  At the end of Cove Road there is a small park where people go fishing and to watch the boats go by on the Intracoastal.  Leading to it is a great wide sidewalk that is far from the roads edge that you will see dog walkers, bikers, joggers taking advantage of the wonderful setting.  Even if you come just to drive through, take an hour enjoy the great little communities, when you done pull into the Manatee Pocket have lunch or dinner or drinks at Shrimpers, Manatee Island Bar and Grill, Twisted Tuna, or the most unique Grove Dock Bar & Cafe with all its artists shops. Think its better seen than described.

4276 Se Rainbows End


Now on to my listing, located at 4276 SE Rainbows End, Stuart FL 34997.  The home is located almost at the end of Horseshoe Point Rd in the Rainbow Cove Community.  Its a small self governed community with annual HOA dues of $100.00, approximately 30 homes make up the community.  When I was given this project by the bank, I had the the worst looking house in the neighborhood by far.  I felt bad for the neighbors.  Finally the bank approved the contractors bids and work began fixed up this diamond in the rough.  Landscaping was attended to first, and then the roof was repaired.  Since one valley had leaked the roofing contractors recommend all the valleys be repaired.  This work has been completed and the house is on the market.  The better features of the house are, wood floors through out, all three bedroom are large or oversized, cbs construction, a walk up attic from the garage, huge back yard, part of its fenced for pets.  Some items that need addressing, the kitchen is partway through a remodel, also the master bath is mainly original, and the landscaping needs lots of love.   mls report 4276 se rainbows

Bedroom Dining Room Backyard Kitchen


If you are interested in other homes or communities in Rocky Point, contact me at 561-876-4568 or tom@tomtraub.com, I will be happy to help you out.

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A little self promotion- TV Commercial

For the past few weeks, my company Platinum Properties has been running a TV commercial on Comcast featuring some of our agents. I happen to be one of those agents, here is my spot.  You can click the hyperlink  Tom Traub Platinum Properties Commercial.

 Hopefully you approve.

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A New Look Coming to North Palm Beach

site plan Water ClubYou may be wondering what going up between PGA Blvd and  US 1 Intracoastal bridge, well its the Water Club.  A new high rise development by Kolter, it will consist of two towers with 73 units per tower and 20 villa style units.  This is a luxury community with prices ranging between 700k and 2M.  The first 63 units are being released now, construction should take approximately two years.  I do not have floor plans on the villas yet, but we have the four floor plans for the 22 story towers.  Floors 2 thru 17 you will have a choice of four floor plans.  The Azure, a 3 bedroom 4 bath 2600 square foot unit with an additional 444 sq ft of terrace.  The Brandeis, a 2 bedroom 2 1/2 bath 1728 sq ft unit with additional 335 sq ft of terrace.  The Cobalt, 2 bedroom 2 1/2 bath 1959 sq ft unit with additional 319 sq ft of terrace.  Finally the Deepsky, a 2 bedroom 2 1/2 bath 1949 sq ft unit with an additional 361 terrace.  The view should be spectacular, with the upper floors having not only panoramic views of Lake Worth and Little Lake Worth, but they should also have amazing ocean views.  My guess would be 6th or 7th and up to have ocean views.  I will do an updated post once the villas and penthouse floor plans are released.

Water Club   The current view of the Water Club property before the construction begins. Some of the features of Water Club will be private elevators, 15 boat slips just to the north of Old Port Cove Marina, gated community, a large resort style pool, and clubhouse, covered parking under the towers, and fitness center.

For additional Questions or to visit the site contact Tom 561-876-4568 or tom@tomtraub.com.

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Bluewater Babes Fish for a Cure—-Phenonenal Event

Bluewater BabesThe weekend of October 4th and 5th was kicked of with a great local event, Bluewater Babes Fish for a Cure at Castaways Square Grouper.  A charity that supports local ovarian and breast cancer patients in need of financial support through the benefiting charities, Cancer Alliance of Help & Hope, H.O.W. Hearing the Ovarian Cancer Whisper, and the Kristin Hoke Breast Health Program.  This was my first year participating and the 5th overall for the event, it includes not only the fishing tournament, but also a costume contest, drink contest and boat decorating contest.  Our team from Platinum Properties participated in everything but the boat decorating contest.  My favorite was the costume contest, the imagination was outstanding, the winners all dressed as Rosy the riveter, I really liked the the boob bees, the ladies dressed as bees and the men as bee keepers, our team kind of combined the drink theme into the costume and took the Platinum Blonde drink and served it as Marilyn Monroe.

Bluewater Babes Bluewater Babes Bluewater Babes Bluewater Babes


Unfortunately it was a little to late on Friday night when I walked out the docks to view the decorated boats to get good photos, but the creativity was very impressive there as well.

Bluewater BabesSaturday started early with all boats doing a shotgun start from Square Grouper in the inlet.  We started great with Marie catching a black fin tuna within the first hour, but as the weather kept improving our fortunes did not, we failed to land even a single dolphin.  We were not alone stuggling to land fish, the weather was perfect the seas were calm but the fish were not interested.  Great day on a boat, in fact any day on the water beats a day on land.

Bluewater Babes Bluewater Babes

Fishing Tournament Winners

Fishing Tournament Winners

As you can see with the totals, not an impressive list of winning fish.  But that did not slow the fantastic time had by all.  The event finished up Saturday night back at the Square Grouper for the awards ceremony and the raffle.  The were tons of great packages to buy tickets for, even a custom Lilly Pulizter girls beach cruiser bike.  Not my style, but impressive non the less.  I know I look forward to next years event, and hope even more boats join with even more sponsors.

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