Selling your home, Preparation is the word

Selling your home is a big decision, so lets get it right.  If you have some time before putting your house on the market here are a few steps that will ensure the process goes as smooth as possible and you get the most money for your property.  First lets look at the outside of your house.  Don’t just think curb appeal, think presentation.  In today’s market over 90% of perspective buyers will view your house online before deciding to go and look at it, or worse not to look at it.  So when looking at the outside of your house, think about how the professional photographer will view it.  Yes professional photos are a must, if your agent takes their own photos, you may want to consider another agent.  So lets look at landscaping, if some trimming is overdue, start there.  Landscaping does not bounce back overnight, over grown shrubs take some time before they green up and look good in photos.  Second, pressure wash your home, walkways, pool deck, and driveway.  A dirty house leaves the impression that maintenance was not being preformed.  Remember, you are trying to put your best foot forward and attract as many potential buyers as possible.

Lets move inside.  First impression when someone walks through your door is not with their eyes, its actually with their nose.  So get the odors out, have your home professionally cleaned.  If you have pets like so many of us do, you already know your home can smell of dog or cat.  Amazingly cat odors are more offensive than dogs.  I think I have a fairly sensitive nose, and I can not tell you how many times I have been whispered to that the house smells like cat pee and its a no.  So cleanliness is a must, second air fresheners, third odor eaters.  Here I am talking baking soda, and volcanic rocks. The baking soda can be vacuumed into carpets, or just left in boxes.  The volcanic rocks you put in your air return for the a/c unit.  These are not magic bullets but they are effective.  Next big issue is stuff, or clutter.  I don’t care if you need to rent a storage unit, it is totally worth it.  Nothing makes your home look smaller than it is than to much stuff.  Not just knick knacks, and tchotchkes, but furniture can overwhelm a space or floor plan.  Into the bedrooms, if you or your children have a lot of clothes or shoes, then get those moving boxes with the hanger rod in them and thin out your wardrobe for a couple months.  If your closets look like one of those Halloween pumpkins with the guts puked out of its mouth, than you will have difficulty selling your home.  Again, remember this is about the photographs everyone will see online.  I know its hard, its not about you, its about your home and highlighting all the qualities that had you fall in love with it in the first place.  Once your house is on the market, continue to have a cleaner come in, you definitely do not want the good will you earned in the photos to be lost due to a big regression in cleanliness or organization.

Lastly,  eliminate surprises.  If your home is over ten years old get a home inspection and include the pest inspection.  You may think your home is ready to go, but will a professional?   This can assist on two fronts.  First if there is a repair needed that you do not want to make you can disclose it and offer a credit upfront.  You will be amazed how well that works.  It defuses a potential landmine by being honest and offering a solution.  Second, if it does reveal a defect that lenders would not be willing to lend on, you have the opportunity to make repairs.  This can become more difficult once under contract.  In an As-Is contract your buyer with their quality offer can walk away in the inspection period.  This leads to some sore feelings, and possible anger, and absolutely stress that can be avoided.  Worse, if the buyers do walk away, now this defect needs to be disclosed to all the perspective buyers and at this point you may not get the same quality of offer that you received prior.  So for $400 or $500 dollar investment upfront can truly lead to more money in your pocket and a stress free sale.  For me, I always recommend that, when my job is complete I expect to have a happy client and a new friend.  It sounds trite, but we really do live off the recommendations of our clients.  There is no advertising that can compete with the personal recommendation from a client.

If you have any furthers questions, feel free to contact me at 561-876-4568.  Thomas Traub an agent with Platinum Properties.

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