Cafe’ Sole’ is an absolute must

About a year ago I was fortunate enough to have a good friend ask if I had ever tried Cafe’ Sole’?  I love to try new things so sure let’s meet there.  Over a year later it never disappoints.  The menu is light, salads, roll-ups and pizza, the interior is bright and open, the staff is warm and welcoming, the outside seating is great with a consistent sea breeze.  The restaurant offers everything you want and expect in a South Florida experience.  The food is super fresh and tasty, the atmosphere is open and welcoming, there is something fantastic on the menu for everyone’s taste, and your get to soak in the best of Florida’s weather and salt air.  Over the year I have become partial to the roll-ups, huge, flavorful and the chicken is so tender and juicy cooked to perfection.  Cafe’ Sole’ is located in the Bluff’s Publix shopping center just on the south side of Publix off of US 1 right on the Jupiter, Juno Beach line.  Its a short stroll to the Juno Beach Pier.


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