Jupiter Farms, a little slice of heaven

Jupiter Farms HomeHands down one of my absolute favorite places to go and show homes is Jupiter Farms.  I love the large lots, the rural setting in suburban environment.  I also love that the finally paved all the main roads to my car isn’t cover in dust every time I go out there.  Maybe, most of all I love it because it reminds me of my home town.  There is a real small town neighborly feel there.  You need to get to know your neighbors, you help each other out, you depend on each other.  Its just a great place to live, and one of the reasons people who move there don’t ever seem to leave it.

Jupiter Farms Home   WP_001029

Jupiter Farms is roughly 15 square miles off of Indiantown Road to the west of I95 and the Turnpike.  The home sites are 1.1 acres to over a 100 acres.  Almost all the parcels are not sub-dividable.  There are a large number of ranches and horse farms, even though I don’t ride I just love that your neighbor might have a horse in their back yard.  Jupiter Farms also boasts on the finest elementary schools in Palm Beach County, Jupiter Farms Elementary on Haynie Lane.  It also has Jupiter Farms Park, a unique facility because not only does it have ball fields, but it has an equestrian center.  At the old Burt Reynolds property there is some great four wheeling trails, not sure how legal that may be, so I will leave that up to your own discretion.  The homes vary greatly in design and construction,  the early homes were mainly stick construction, but after hurricane Andrew homes are block.  The other main item home buyers should know is the homes elevation, Jupiter Farms is a Water Control District.  South Indian River Water Control District, Sir Wicked for short.  Basically what this means is in case wide spread flooding, Jupiter Farms is used as a water storage area.  This may mean that you cant get out of your home for a few days so be prepared.  This does not happen very often, but once every ten years or so you may be inconvenienced.  Over the years the minimum elevation for homes foundations has been raised from 18 to 21 to I believe 24 feet today.  So some of the very oldest homes may be effected.  If you are thinking of buying a lot and building your dream home and want to figure how much material will you need to bring in for your pad.  The easiest way is look at what plants are growing on the property,  if its all cypress you will be bring in a lot of material, if its all oaks, palms and slash pines the land is high and dry and you wont need much material at all.

Jupiter Farms will remain one of the fabulous communities in South Florida, the pace of change is slow, the life style is slower and more family oriented.  The next change will take years and for some will be welcome for others it will be resisted, but it looks inevitable that city water will be headed to Jupiter Farms over the next decade.  For more information Please contact me directly  561-876-4568


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