Carlin Park—Heart Paracours

Heart Parcourse Carlin ParkFor years I have gone to Carlin Park, but until the other day I had no idea they had a cool little workout course.  A friend asked me if I would like to do the Heart Course, what Heart Course. To me Carlin Park was just an ocean park with pavilions and tennis courts and tons of beach.  To my surprise on the west side of A1A is about a 1 1/3 wood chip track with 20 workout stations along the way.

Heart Parcourse Carlin Park Heart Parcourse Carlin Park Heart Parcourse Carlin Park  The first few stations are designed to get you stretched out and limber, then it moves in to some more physically demanding stations. Nothing outrageous, sit ups, pull ups, step ups,  and push ups.  There are also stations that are more agility based, and a you finish with a test of balance on a low balance beam like structure.  There are 20 stations in all the are cut out along the track, the track is measured with signs each quarter mile. Much of the track is tree lined so you get some shade along the way, plus being along the ocean there is usually a nice breeze, all in all it is the most enjoyable work out trail I have ever experienced in a park setting.  I hope to see you all out there enjoying a great little workout.

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