Hurricane Season is upon us, Get prepared

There are the basics to being prepared for a hurricane, stock up on water, non-perishable food, batteries, first aid kit, radio.  I want to focus on on the things you learn form going through a few of these before. First, have plenty of cash, many places after a hurricane will be open but no power, so no way to use your debit or credit cards.  Second, get a cooler and load up on dry ice. Dry ice is sold in Publix, WalMart and at the Ice Suppliers Like Cassidy Ice, its not expensive and it lasts days longer than ice.  Third, repair equipment, have a tarp and a cordless drill with a few batteries all charged up.  Fourth, get an inverter for your car, this will allow you to charge up your cell phone, your laptop so you can stay in touch with loved ones.  Fifth, gasoline make sure before the storm arrives you fill up your cars and a couple extra containers, gas lines can be unbearable.  Sixth,  have a camera, if your home is damaged take lots of pictures before you start making temporary repairs, this can save you big headaches down the road with insurance carriers.  Seventh,  get a waterproof lock box for all your important papers.  Eighth,  re-fill your prescriptions, could be weeks before the pharmacies open back up.  Ninth, if you like a nightcap make sure sure you stock up on your favorite beer or wine, because Florida typically forbids these sales after a disaster.  Lastly, Gas or charcoal for your grill, you will most likely be cooking things as quick as possible so you don’t loss everything to spoilage.

Hope that this misses all of you, but it never hurts to be prepared.

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