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Today, I would like to share with you some information about using a job placement recruiter.  After speaking with Jami Adkins of Green Leaf Search Group, I hope to answer some of the questions and shed some light on what your expectations should be for results.  Jami has been in the industry for over 12 years, and has been incredibly open and helpful in this process. Green Leaf Search Group is a nationwide placement company specializing in accounting & finance, human resources, sales & marketing, operations, and information technology.  They work with Fortune 1000 companies down to small and mid-sized firms always looking to place top talent.

First, I will tackle some of the basic questions a potential candidate may have entering into the process.  Why use a recruiter in the first place?  Recruiters have access to jobs and companies that may not be publicly searching for candidates, recruiters typically will be able to put a value on your skills and ask for the proper amount of compensation.  Who should use a recruiter?  People who are currently employed are the most valuable candidates to potential employers, especially to your firms competition.  Companies feel like employed candidates can just be plugged in, no learning or training curve.  For those people who have left their position, it would be to your benefit to work temporary jobs, what you do not want are large gaps in your employment timeline.  Companies are looking for candidates they could not get on their own through job postings.  What should a candidate expect from a recruiter?  Help with your resume, interviewing skills and valuation of your current skill set, confidentiality, and a guide through the process.  Who should use a a recruiter?  The greatest benefit is for candidates who are mid level through executive level, your talent and time can be best leveraged by using a recruiter.  If you use more than one make sure you tell them so they do not try placing you with the same firm.  I am not trying to discourage entry level applicants, many recruiters can act as job search coaches for you, helping you navigate through the process, assisting with resume, helping with interview skills.  These services are purchased directly from the recruiter.  For additional information please contact Jami Adkins at jami@greenleafsearchgroup.com.

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